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==Government and politics==
==Government and politics==
Oldhaven is a monarchy. The Head of state is [[Dimitrije Golubović]].
Oldhaven is a monarchy. The Head of state, the King is [[Dimitrije Golubović]].
==Law and order==
==Law and order==

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"Only togheter we shall be shall be better"
No anthem
Capital cityOldhaven City
Largest cityOldhaven City
Official language(s)Serbian
Official religion(s)Christianity
Short nameOldhaven
Population9 (as of 2017 census)
CurrencyFlorian Pound
National sportFootball
National animalEagle
Patron saintSt.Michael the Archangel

Oldhaven is an Autonomous Territory of the Florian Republic founded on 11th May 2017.


Oldhaven was founded on 11th May 2017 by Dimitrije Golubović and Stewart Florian after Stewart wanted to have an overseas territory of the Florian Republic. the territory was granted its own government and negotiate foreign relations, border control etc. The territory was allowed to have its own sports federation and the football team was accepted into the MVFF.

Government and politics

Oldhaven is a monarchy. The Head of state, the King is Dimitrije Golubović.

Law and order

There is no court in Oldhaven and there is not a constitution yet.

Foreign relations

Oldhaven does not have any official relations. It is not allowed to have foreign relations as it is a territory of the Florian Republic.


There will be no military in Oldhaven, because of the small population.

Geography and climate



Oldhaven is currently using the Trimole as its currency and as it is a territory of the Florian Republic, it plans to use the proposed Florian Pound.


There are no media companies in the territory.

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