Old Elarian Nations

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This article will detail the older nations created by Charles Madgett before Ela'r'oech's creation.

The 1st Artillery

The 1st Artillery
The 1st Artillary (Former)

2018 — 2019


Charles' Room, Anthony's Room
Capital cityCharles' Bed
Official language(s)English
- KnightCharles Madgett
EstablishedAugust 11 2018
CurrencyUS Dollar
Time zoneUTC–5
National animalPomeranian

The 1st Artillery formerly the 1st Artillary, was a 2018 micronation founded by Charles Madgett and Anthony Ramirez II. It was created with a school project. and they thought it would be funny to create a country as their project.


The meaning behind the creation of the nation's ideals can be traced back to the Crusades. It was a very dark-age themed nation. Because they had no clue about the micronational community or other nations, they would wage war on each other having numerous civil wars for fun.


The nation was created on August 11 2018, and was quickly forgotten about a week later. However, around late 2020 to early 2021, it was rediscovered after Ela'r'oech's founding. It was then named to a noble state and historical landmark.

Old Kakato


2019 — 2020

Goku KakatoanFlag.jpg

Discord Server
Capital city"#capital_kt"
Official language(s)English
- Supreme LeaderCharles Madgett
EstablishedMay 10 2019
Population75 (at peak)
CurrencyUS Dollar
Time zoneUTC–5
National sporteSports
National animalPomeranian

Old Kakato was a 2019 micronation that was founded by Charles Madgett. It was very primitive and used discord as it's entity of choice when referring to it's land and such. It was simply Kakato, however the founding of the newer nation of the same name has forced a name change even after it's diestablishment.


It was named after the Dragon Ball character Goku and his Saiyan name, "Kakarot."


There's not much known about this old micronation, but the congress passed numerous laws and there were also mock laws stating that women, black people, transgender people, and more could not be in the micronation. These laws were not enforced but declared them.

They passed non-mock laws such as the banned use of Chinese apps and more to make sure they were not spied on. They had a feud with another discord server that they had "won" by gaining new members who joined the discord server they owned and stayed there.

Today, it is a part of Ela'r'oech as a noble state.