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|[[File:Earth's Kingdom Firts Flag.png|border|25px]] [[Earth's Kingdom]]
| ''all the Word's languages''

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An official language is, generally speaking, a language in which all official business, particularly governmental functions, are required by law to be conducted. It is possible for a nation to have more than one official language nationwide, although it is rather rare to have more than two.

In micronations, this term may refer simply to the language(s) most often used by the people of a nations, regardless of its status in law. Although many micronations simply use their native language as an official language, some may also create a conlang to serve alongside it.

Examples of languages used

All information to be added to this list must be added according to the NAME of the nation - this does not include prefixes (e.g., Republic of, Democratic Republic of, Kingdom of). If your nation is called the Democratic Republic of Sania, it goes between R and T - not between C and E.

Micronation Official Language(s)
Bogdanian Flag.jpg Republic of Bogdan English, Ukrainian
Republic of Asassin Indonesian,

Asassin, English

Uta.pngUnited islands of america English, Andrɛw ɛnglistʃ
Flagsamisdat.jpgState of Samizdat English, Spanish, French
UKBKTHG- flag kingdom.jpg United Holy Kingdom of Beaulosagñe and the Knights Templar of the Holy Grail Spanish, Portugese, French, English, Dutch, German (3 Latin, 3 Germanic)
Npl flag.jpgFederal Republic of New Potato Land Welsh, English
Aariania English
Republic of Macéyon English
Kingdom of Mivland English
Flag of Klitzibürg.pngGrand Duchy of Klitzibürg Czech
Abelden English, German, French
Adammia English
AenderiaFlag.png Republic of Aenderia English, Russian
Aigues-Mortes French
United States of Akkerman Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Moldovan, Gagauz, Albanian
Amissopian Federation English
Angyalistan French
Arkel Dutch
Arkapura Sundanese, Indonesian, English
Federal Kingdom of Arkonia English, Esperanto, German
Arnerea flag.png Republic of Arnerea English
Flag of Asgard.png Kingdom of Asgard Portuguese, Danish
Aswington English, Spanish
Atovia English, German
Austenasia English
AuvFlag.PNG Kingdom of Auvenum English, Russian
Kingdom of Azor English
Azzurria Italian
Beacon City English
Breckland English, German
Federal Republic of Caddia English, Caddian
Calcontsmall.png Calcont English, Calconian, French
Calzechlian flag.png Calzechia English, zech
Campinia English, Dutch, Flemish
Capi Flag.jpg Capi Cattish
Flag of Caudonia.png Caudonia English, Scots (Caudonian dialect), Spanish, American Norwegian
Coria English, Corian, Serbian
Custosia English
D1A38DEC-C1D3-409D-80DE-7D8FF2A45551.jpeg Crascia Crascian ,English
Dalmatia-Herzegovina Republic Dalmatian, Serbian, Croatian
Deseret English
Earth's Kingdom Firts Flag.png Earth's Kingdom all the Word's languages
Edenopolis English
Elendors-kingdom-flag.jpeg Kingdom of Elendor Italian, English
Barbettian flag.PNG Empire of Barbettia English, Portuguese, Esperanto, Barbettian
KOEbenthal Flag Test4.png Ebenthal Portuguese
25px Efransa English, Efrasachin
Eniarku English
Esse English, Latin, Hindi
Commonwealth of Essexia English
Flag of Estuaria.svg The Moon-Blessed Empire of Estuaria Ta'agra, Czech, Slovak
Fabroland.png Fabroland Italian
Falcar English, Falcarian Language
Flandrensis Dutch
FranciCity.png Franci City Italian
Frivian Flag.jpg Kingdom of Frivia English, Russian, Hebrew, Finnish, Swedish, Sámi
Galiria Galiria Galego
Gishabrun English
Gotzborg English
Goldensteinsnewflag.JPGGoldenstein English and Swedish.
Bandeira Guanabara.png Guanabara Portuguese
Logopit 1586889691314.jpg Principality of Gumland English, Spanish and Gumlandish.
Gymnasium flag standartized.png Gymnasium State Czech, English, German, Swedish, Slovak, French, Spanish, Polish, Hindi
Housgurd.png Hausgurd Union of the Crowns English, Latin
HenristanFlag.svg Henristan English, Henristani Loconianic, Russian
Republic of Herpitlion English, Lithuanian, Hebrew, Polish, French, Icelandic, Portuguese
MyFlag2.svg Hosamia English, Arabic, Hosamian Language
KingdomOfHopeFlag.jpg Kingdom of Hope Russian
Bandeira Cabra.png Ilha das Cabras Portuguese and florianopolitan dialect
1570200106940.png Imperium Aquilae Greek
  1. REDIRECT Template:Country data Empire of Imvrassia
Flagofiska1.pngThe Republic of Iska Akaliazen Anatolish, Turkish
Italia.jpg Reino da Itália Portuguese
Jacktopian Flag.jpg The Grand Republic of Jacktopia English
Juclandia Romanian
Jusin Korean
Koss English, Papian, Portuguese
Kaz Flag.jpgKaz Kazzian
Ladonia English, French, German, Swedish
Landashir English, Francillish
Latitudia English, Swedish
Flag of Lehmark.pngEmpire of Lehmark English
Lundenwic English
Https---micronations.wiki-images-6-66-Comm.pngGrand Imperial Empire of Lanzantonia German, English
LivoniaFlag.png Livonia Portuguese
Lurk English, Czech, Loringian
Luxe.jpg Repubblica democratica di Luxe Italian dialetto Luxese
Mahuset English, Dutch
Flag of Maldico.png Maldico English, Maldicoan
Malinovia English, French, Malinovian
Maselin3.png Republic of Maselin English, Spanish, Scandinavian languages
Vlag Matyár.png Matyár Dutch, Matyáres, English
Mcarthia English
Mekniy Czech, Nissiian, Thornian, Esagitian, Mekniyan Czech
Menders-flag.pngMendersia Czech, Mendersian, English
Mercia English, Czech
Kingdom of Mivland English (official)

Esperanto and Latin (unofficial)

House of Nassau-Ter Haar (3).png House of Nassau-Ter Haar English, Spaldian, Dutch, French
Nedland English, Spanish
Nemkhavia English, Irish, Portuguese, German, Nemkhav
Флако Неутнациа-3.png Neutfere Tsardom Neutlen
New Eiffel English, Afrikaans, Hungarian, Arabtemporayayian
North American Confederation English
Occitania French, Afrikaans
Http---i0.kym-cdn.com-photos-images-original-001-267-464-e49.png Ohio Republic English
Pacem English, Welsh, Irish Gaelic, Icelandic
Pannonia English, Pannonian French, Hungarian
Paravia English, Norwegian, Romanian
Pavlov English, Ukrainian
Pnewflag.png Principality of Phokland US English, w: Welsh, w: Deutsch
Fyrstendømmet af de Nordlige Skove.jpg Principality of the Northern Forests Danish, English
Flag.Pinang 1.pngPinang Italian
Band pcoc 200.jpg Republic of Porto Claro Portuguese, French, English
Prsänëa Esperanto, US English, Prsänëan
Qootärlænt English, Qootärfloams, Pepee tepaal, Esperanto, Dutch
Rabenberg Flag.svg Grand Duchy of Rabenberg German, Austrian, Polish, Bartonian, Russian and Rabenbergian dialect
Radon English, Dutch, Radonic
Regelis flag.png Regelis English
RUPA.png Reino Unido de Portugal e Algarves Portuguese
Reyla English
Roschfallen Flag.png Roschfallen Portuguese
Sabia and Verona Sabian, Spanish, Lycene
Sabinalinkflag.png Sabina Official: Spanish, English, National: Catalan, Diplomatic French
Sandus English, French, Latin
Flag scoria.png Scoria English, German, Irish
Secundomia Slin-English (Classical), English, Turkish, Secundomian
Senya English
Seybold Flag.jpeg Democratic Republic of Seybold English
Shireroth English, Præta Sxiróþes
Shorewell English and Biljish
Skovaji English, Evonian
Slin Slin-Englysh
Sollena flag.png Sollena Romanian
Sorreniaflagnew.png Kingdom of Sorrenia English, Sorrenian Cumbric, Dradelian, Mezerizeb
New Sotovia's flag.jpg Sotóvia Portuguese
Sirocco English, Siroccan, Edallic
6F36F0B8-F863-457E-A45F-434DFA6FD68A.png Southern Cross Union English, Crascian
Kingdom of Sycamore English
Flagofsunland.jpegSunland English, Swedish and Old Norse
Flagstalmanndorf.png Kingdom of Stalmanndorf Stalish, German, Swedish
Flag São Guimarães.png São Guimarães Portuguese
Talossa Talossan, English
Republic of Tavil.png Republic of Tavil English
Templar Kingdom Esperantido, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, English, Dutch, German
The Na.jpg The Nation of Terra Pyranian
The Micronational Empire of Thebes English, Latin, Gastonian
Theodia Theodian, English
Tsurasian Flag.jpg Kingdom of Tsurasia English, Ancient Tsurasian
Tuposian Empire.png Tuposian Empire Finnish, English
Flag of Uniland.svg The Republic of Uniland English, Russian
Uskor English, Swedish, German, Uskorian
Überstadt English
Socialist United Republic of Ünie English, Ünic, Ünlish, Zulu, Afrikaans
Flag of Valbona.pngValbona, Free Territory of Italian
Flag of Woodland Patchwork.pngWoodland Patchwork English, Japanese, German, and Woodlandic (de facto, unofficial).
Flag of the Principality of Woodlandia.jpg Principality of Woodlandia English, French (de facto, unofficial).
Wyvern English, Dutch
Sotovia's flag.jpg Sotóvia Portuguese
Império.png Império Zenitista Portuguese
Sabah Autonomous community of Taman ria English
Natlin.png United Provinces of Natlin English
Flag of Kapreburg.svgEmpire of Kapreburg English, German, Esperanto, Morixian
Flag of the Norfolk Empire.jpg Norfolk Empire English, Esperanto, and Nahuatl
Wegmatflag.jpeg The Kingdom of Wegmat English, Swedish, and Finnish
BN Flag .png Empire of Byzantium Novum English, Greek, and Latin