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Official language

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An official language is, generally speaking, a language in which all official business, particularly governmental functions, are required by law to be conducted. It is possible for a nation to have more than one official language nationwide, although it is rather rare to have more than two.

In micronations, this term may refer simply to the language(s) most often used by the people of a nations, regardless of its status in law. Although many micronations simply use their native language as an official language, some may also create a conlang to serve alongside it.

Examples of languages used

All information to be added to this list must be added according to the NAME of the nation - this does not include prefixes (e.g., Republic of, Democratic Republic of, Kingdom of). If your nation is called the Democratic Republic of Sania, it goes between R and T - not between C and E.

Micronation Official Language(s)
 State of Samizdat English, Spanish, French
  United Holy Kingdom of Beaulosagñe and the Knights Templar of the Holy Grail Spanish, Portugese, French, English, Dutch, German (3 Latin, 3 Germanic)
 Federal Republic of New Potato Land Welsh, English
  Aariania English
Republic of Macéyon w:English
Kingdom of Mivland English
 Grand Duchy of Klitzibürg Czech
  Abelden English, German, French
  Adammia English
  Republic of Aenderia English, Russian
  Aigues-Mortes French
  United States of Akkerman Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Moldovan, Gagauz, Albanian
  Amissopian Federation English
  Angyalistan French
  Arkel Dutch
  Arkapura Sundanese, Indonesian, English
Federal Kingdom of Arkonia English, Esperanto, German
  Republic of Arnerea English
  Kingdom of Asgard Portuguese, Danish
  Atovia English, German
  Austenasia English
  Kingdom of Auvenum English, Russian
Kingdom of Azor English
  Azzurria Italian
  Beacon City English
  Breckland English, German
Federal Republic of Caddia English, Caddian
  Calcont English, Calconian, French
  Calzechia English, zech
  Campinia English, Dutch, Flemish
  Capi Cattish
  Coria English, Corian, Serbian
  Custosia English
  Crascia Crascian ,English, French
  Dalmatia-Herzegovina Republic Dalmatian, Serbian, Croatian
  Deseret English
  Edenopolis English
  Kingdom of Elendor Italian, English
  Empire of Barbettia English, Portuguese, Esperanto, Barbettian
  Eniarku English
  Esse English, Latin, Hindi
  Commonwealth of Essexia English
  Fabroland Italian
  Falcar English, Falcarian Language
  Flandrensis Dutch
  Franci City Italian
  Galiria Galego
  Gishabrun English
  Gotzborg English
 Goldenstein English, Swedish and Goldensteinian
  Guanabara Portuguese
  Gymnasium State Czech, English, German, Swedish, Slovak, French, Spanish, Polish, Hindi
  Henristan English, Henristani Loconianic, Russian
Republic of Herpitlion English, Lithuanian, Hebrew, Polish, French, Icelandic, Portuguese
  Hosamia English, Arabic, Hosamian Language
  Ilha das Cabras Portuguese and florianopolitan dialect
  Imperium Aquilae Greek
  Imvrassia Greek
 The Republic of Iska Akaliazen Burkish, Turkish
  Reino da Itália Portuguese
  Juclandia Romanian
  Jusin Korean
  Koss English, Papian, Portuguese
 Kaz Kazzian
  Ladonia English, French, German, Swedish
  Landashir English, Francillish
  Latitudia English, Swedish
 Empire of Lehmark English
  Lundenwic English
 Grand Imperial Empire of Lanzantonia German, English
  Livonia Portuguese
  Lurk English, Czech, Loringian
  Repubblica democratica di Luxe Italian dialetto Luxese
  Mahuset English, Dutch
  Malinovia English, French, Malinovian
  Republic of Maselin English, Spanish, Scandinavian languages
  Matyár Dutch, Matyáres, English
  Mcarthia English
  Mekniy Czech, Nissiian, Thornian, Esagitian, Mekniyan Czech
  Mercia English, Czech
  House of Nassau-Ter Haar English, Spaldian, Dutch, French
  Nedland English, Spanish
  Nemkhavia English, Irish, Portuguese, German, Nemkhav
  Neutfere Tsardom Neutlen
New Eiffel English, Afrikaans, Hungarian, Arabtemporayayian
  North American Confederation English
  Occitania French, Afrikaans
  Ohio Republic English
  Pacem English, Welsh, Irish Gaelic, Icelandic
  Pannonia English, Pannonian French, Hungarian
  Paravia English, Norwegian, Romanian
  Pavlov English, Ukrainian
  Principality of Phokland US English, w: Welsh, w: Deutsch
 Archduchy of Pinang Italian (English is a lingua franca)
  Republic of Porto Claro Portuguese, French, English
  Prsänëa Esperanto, US English, Prsänëan
  Qootärlænt English, Qootärfloams, Pepee tepaal, Esperanto, Dutch
  Radon English, Dutch, Radonic
  Regelis English
  Reino Unido de Portugal e Algarves Portuguese
  Reyla English
  Roschfallen Portuguese
  Sabia and Verona Sabian, Spanish, Lycene
  Sabina Official: Spanish, English, National: Catalan, Diplomatic French
  Sandus English, French, Latin
  Scoria English, German
  Secundomia Slin-English (Classical), English, Turkish, Secundomian
  Senya English
  Democratic Republic of Seybold English
  Shireroth English, Præta Sxiróþes
  Shorewell English and Biljish
  Skovaji English, Evonian
  Slin Slin-Englysh
  Sollena Romanian
  Kingdom of Sorrenia English, Sorrenian Cumbric, Dradelian, Mezerizeb
  Sotóvia Portuguese
  Sirocco English, Siroccan, Edallic
  Southern Cross Union English, Crascian
Kingdom of Sycamore English
  São Guimarães Portuguese
  Talossa Talossan, English
  Templar Kingdom Esperantido, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, English, Dutch, German
  The Nation of Terra Pyranian
  Theodia Theodian, English
  Tuposian Empire Finnish, English
  The Republic of Uniland English
  Uskor English, Swedish, German, Uskorian
  Überstadt English
Socialist United Republic of Ünie English, Ünic, Ünlish, Zulu, Afrikaans
 Valbona, Free Territory of Italian
  Verd'land Verd'landian and Czech
 Woodland Patchwork English, Japanese, German, and Woodlandic (de facto, unofficial).
  Wyvern English, Dutch
  Sotóvia Portuguese
  Império Zenitista Portuguese
Sabah Autonomous community of Taman ria English
  The United Provinces of Natlin English, Natalanian-Glorian
 Empire of Kapreburg English, German, Esperanto, Morixian
  Norfolk Empire English, Esperanto, and Nahuatl
  The Kingdom of Wegmat English, Swedish, and Finnish