Official Opposition Shadow Cabinet (Republic of Atlantis)

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The Official Opposition Shadow Cabinet (usually known simply as the 'Shadow Cabinet') are, in Atlantis parliamentary practice, senior members of the Opposition who scrutinise their corresponding office holders in the Government, develop alternative policies, and hold the Government to account for its actions and responses. Since June 2010, the SocialDemocratic Party has been at the Opposition, and its leadership therefore forms the current Shadow Cabinet.

Shadow Cabinet list

Sante Carbone reshuffled his Shadow Cabinet on 19 November 2011.


Ministry Office Incumbent Image in Office since
Office of the Prime Minister
Prime Minister Sante Carbone Carbonecarbcabinet.jpg

Ministry of Home Affairs
Minister of Home Affairs Manuel De Felice Defelicecarbcabinet.jpg

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexander Eastwood Eastwoodcarbcabinet.jpg
Ministry of Defence
Minister of Defence Dain Reevahn Reevahnminister.jpg

Ministry of Economy, Finance and Treasury
Minister of Economy, Finance and Treasury Pawel Dworzycki 450px-472px-Pawel12.jpg
Ministry of Education, Research and Culture
Minister of Education, Research and Culture Marco Bluttemberg

Ministry of Justice
Minister of Justice Nicholas Larsen Larsenelection.jpg

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