Official Historian (Austenasia)

The Official Historian of Austenasia is a position created by Emperor Jonathan I on 3 May 2019. The holder of the officer may "issue official publications on behalf of the Austenasian government concerning the history of the Empire of Austenasia and that of the states, nations, movements, persons and events which are related to it." The holder of the office also serves as the Director of the Department of Historical Documentation.

Official Historian
Sir Harry Fitzpatrick, IKA

since 7 December 2020
Department of Historical Documentation
AppointerMinister for Culture

The first Official Historian, Lord Charles Ross, founded the Department of Historical Documentation (Affairs) on 28 May 2019 as an outlet for his work. He was replaced with the incumbent, Sir Harry Fitzpatrick, on 7 December 2020.

List of Official Historians

Number Picture Name Took office Left office Notes
01   Lord Charles Ross, Duke of Occidentia 3 May 2019 7 Dec 2020 Appointed by Imperial Decree; created the Department of Historical Documentation (Affairs) later that month. Resigned in December 2020.
02   Sir Harry Fitzpatrick, IKA 7 Dec 2020 Incumbent Currently working on a history of Austenasia.