Oegstgeestian Micronations

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File:Flag Of The Viadalvian Republic.png
Flag of Viadalvia. The most infamous Oegstgeestian micronation

Oegstgeestian Micronations is a term for all micronations located in the Dutch muncipality of Oegstgeest


The offical meaning of Oegstgeestian Micronations is that the nation is established in Oegstgeest, Although some had territory oudside Oegstgeest, (Viadalvia) (Dolmenia) they are seen as Oegstgeestian Micronations since they originated from there


Almost all Oegstgeestian Micronations has some caracterstics that defined the sector,

  • Political Instability
  • Average life span of 3–6 months
  • Most of the nations has less than 1 square miles in territory
  • Most of the nations were established by Shady Morsi
  • Always had an unicameral legisture


Bold indicates existing nations