Occitavision 2018

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Occitavision 2018 was the 1st edition of the occitanian competition Occitavision, held on 28 March 2018 and organized in Sezentrania. The winner of the contest was La Prohibida with the song Ganas de Matar. He represented Occitania in the Microvision 2018 who was also organized in Occitania, finishing in 1st place.


The Occitavision follows a similar format as the Microvision Song Festival: all the territories of Occitania entered one song, and once all states have performed, a winner was decided by juries vote. The winner of the Occitavision is the Occitania candidate to the next Microvision Song Festival Edition. This shows acts as an occitanian preselection to the main show.


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Occitavision 2018
"Share your anthem!"
Final date 28 March 2018
Director TV OC
Host broadcaster TV OC
Venue SEZZ.png Sezentrania
Winning song Ganas de Matar, La Prohibida
Araggggooon.png Aragon
Voting system
Every federal subject and guests gives 12, 10, 8, 6, 4 and 2 points.
Number of entries 9
Fedral Subject Artist Song Language(s) English translation Place Points
Araggggooon.png Aragon La Prohibida Ganas de matar Spanish Wanted to kill 1 88
Flag Oranje.png Babougrad 4Werke Jy slaan die wind in my seile Afrikaans You hit the wind in my sails 3 76
OScotland.png Highland Alan Stivell Tri Matolod Breton Three sailors 8 32
2NFNFUF89F94658.png Lyudi Tropical Family Il jouait du piano debout French He played the piano standing 5 50
Maltemps.png Maltemps Riana Nel Tweede Kans Afrikaans Second chance 7 38
Medoc.png Medoc Michèle Torr Coupo santo Occitan Holy coup 6 46
LOOKS2.png Shalom The Young Professionals D.I.S.C.O. English - 5 50
Cata.png Three Flowers Emma Marrone & Modà Here's to you English & Italian - 4 58
TVerd2.png Verd Natasha St-Pier Tous les Acadiens Cajun French All the Acadians 2 82


For the first time, Occitania was the winner of the Microvision Song Festival in 2018, with the song Ganas de Matar by La Prohibida.