Occitanian War

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Occitanian War
Part of The Atlantis Civil War
DateMarch 29th - April 6th, 2018
Status Finish
Bandiera della Repubblica Federale di Mangolia.jpg Army of Mangolia

Azerty.png Okhrana

Iustus flag.png Army of Iustus
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The Occitanian War is the intermicronational war in the Popular Union of Occitania. The second front of the War was between the The Iustus State.

The War

The Occitan war was a war that happen between april 3rd - april 6th of 2018. The reason why it happened was because that Mangolia was convicted of vandalizing Occitanias microwiki page and because of that The Iustus State cut off ties with Mangolia. In response Mangolia declared war on Iustus but Magnolia quickly learned that this was a bad idea as multiple nations came to Iustus add and formed a coalition against Mangolia including, Jassoper,Tupos,Alperia,Natia,Sartontia,New Vinland,New American Empire,Millennia,Andany,Lazantontia,Phokland,The republic of the 43rd and Dolusian. The colliton started a propaganda campaign against Mangolia which got Manggolia to surrender. Peace was achieved in The Treaty of Ft Dealvi in where Mangolia's capital Millian was divided up by the colliton and Iustus,Jassoper,and Tupos got extra territories outside of their capital to,all of south Mangolia became a puppet state controlled by a group of nations that were in the colliton and Mangolia was re added onto the micronations group chat. Controversy emerged because they claimed all of south Italy so then all the colonies in Millian were confederated as The Republic of South Mangolia while still being part of their owner micronations.