Oblate Convention

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Oblate Convention
Logo of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Matachewan

Headquarters Oblate City (Nominally)
Discord Server

Official language English

Arranged by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Matachewan
Minister Christopher Miller
Director Christopher Miller

– Foundation 4 October 2020
– I Convention 9 October 2020
– II Convention 12 November 2020


The Oblate Convention is a video conference hosted by Matachewan as a possibility for officials to engage in face-to-face meetings and share thoughts or ask questions on the basis that not everyone are able to attend MicroCon or other in-person gatherings.

Main History


It was founded on 3 October 2020 in a meeting called by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and King which was attended by Prime Minister Ashton, Premier Xavier and Deputy Premier Robert who all expressed positive feedback towards the idea eagerly put forth.


The Oblate Convention(s) is/are named after the capital of Matachewan, Oblate City. This is because Matachewanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs created the event.


A convention is opened with a few days or weeks notice in order to give people time to join the OC Server on Discord and sign up to the event. The preperation phase concludes when the Matachewanian Foreign Ministry have presented a document of proceedings and potential topics to be discussed. A dress code and ettiquette are reasurred through their respective documents and a date is set. When this has been done, the meeting can begin on set date.

I Convention

The First Oblate Convention, 2020 (short: 1OC20) took place on October 9th 2020, its original date was scheduled for October 8th 2020.

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II Convention

The Second Oblate Convention, 2020 (short: 2OC20) took place on November 12th.

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