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Noted! Project
Date19 October 2020 - present
LocationCupertino Alliance
Also known asNoted Tour
TypeDiplomatic Tour
Organised byJayden Lycon

The Noted! Project, also known as the Noted Project, Noted Tour or Noted Programme is a diplomatic tour within the Cupertino Alliance organised by Chairman Jayden Lycon.

As part of the Project, an official document is passed around the international delegations, with each participant adding a message or drawing onto the letter.[1]

The project is similar to the 2012 Diplomabear World Tour, later adopted by the Grand Unified Micronational in 2016.


Message en-route to Ponderosa Hills from Aenderia

The tour began on 19 November when Jayden Lycon, president of the Fifth Aenderian Republic mailed the Noted! Project document to Leon Montan, delegate and president for the People's Republic of Ponderosa Hills.[1]

The project reached a standstill on 22 December when the postal service returned the letter en-route to New Athens back to Qaflanan delegate Thorin Neal. The letter was resent on 19 January, and received by the New Athenian delegate 6 days later.

Nation Delegate Location Date Received
AendereseFlag.png Aenderia Jayden Lycon Ontario, Canada 19 October 2020[a]
PRPH flag.svg Ponderosa Hills Leon Montan California, United States 29 October 2020
QaflananFlag.png Qaflana Thorin Neal California, United States 7 December 2020
Flag v2.png New Athens Tyler Mullins Kennesaw, United States 25 January 2021
Tesforia Flag.png Tesforia Brennan Sullivan Long Island, United States 3 February 2021
Flag of the Federal Union of Wegmat.svg Wegmat Cole B. Chicagoland, United States 13 February 2021
Atiera flag.svg Atiera Liam Alexander
Flag of Georgienstine.svg Georgienstine
Flag scoria.png Scoria R.M. Grainger

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  1. Aenderia was the original sender of the Noted Project document. As such, the date offered is in fact that of when the Aenderese delegation posted the letter.


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