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Nossian Crown

The Nossian Crown is the currency unit of the Principality of Nossia. The currency was created by the Prince Carlo I. The plural form is Crowns and one Crown is subdivided into 500 centos.

Nossian Crown
Coroa de Nossia (portuguese)

Official usersFlag Nossia 2016.png Principality Of Nossia
Pegged to1.00 Euro
Symbol(NCR) (₢) (ISO 4217) - Nossian Crown
PluralCrown / Crowns
Sub-unitCentos(₡) 50, 70, 100, 200, 500
Banknotes₢50, ₢100, ₢500 and ₢1.000
Central bankBPN
PrinterVaults of the Crown of Nossia

Banknotes and coins were designed by the Prince Carlo I. All bank notes show significant people and symbols of the Principality. The existing bank notes at the moment are for 50, 100, 500 and 1.000 Crowns.



The Principality of Nossia needed a mean of firming itself in the micronational world. According to Prince Carlo I, by creating and instaurating the Crown "The people of Nossia will finally have means of trading and acquiring their desirables".


First Series

Image Value Main colour Description
  ₢5.000 Gray and White A portrait of Prince Carlo I.

Second Series

Image Value Main colour Description
  ₢5.000 Red and White. Portrait of Benito Mussolini, the Father, Visionary and Pioneer of the Fascist Ideology.
  ₢10.000 Purple and White. Portrait of Otto of Bavaria, the "Sufferer Monarch" that is celebrated in Nossia.
  ₢50.000 Light Blue and White Official portrait of Prince Carlo I in army uniform.

Commemorative Issue

Image Value Main colour Description
  ₢5.000 Light Green and White. Celebrating the 16th birthday of Prince Carlo I.

Third Series

Image Value Main colour Description
  ₢100 Red and White. Portrait of James Harden-Hickey, The Prince of Trinidad.
  ₢500 Blue and White. Portrait of Carlo I, the Sovereign Prince of the Nossians.
  ₢500 Blue and White Writing, one of the pillars of the nossian culture.