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Northwood-Oregonian Parliament
Coat of arms or logo
HousesRoyal Deluge • Preclusionary Committee
Founded8 January 2021
Carson Snyder
Since 8 January 2021
Sarah Freck
Since 8 January 2021
Royal Deluge political groups
  •      Independent (9)
Preclusionary Committee political groups
  •      Independent (6)
Last general election
15 January 2021
Canon Governing Document of the Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon

The Northwood-Oregonian Parliament is the legislature of the Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon. It is comprised of an upper house, the Royal Deluge which develops and passes legislation and acts, and a lower house, the Preclusionary Committee which checks and potentially blocks legislation and acts passed by the Royal Deluge. Both houses are presided over by the Sovereigns of the Kingdom, Carson Snyder and Sarah Freck


The Northwood-Oregonian Parliament is comprised of an upper and lower house, the Royal Deluge and Preclusionary Committee respectively.


The Sovereigns of the Kingdom serve as as chairperson and parliamentarian for both the Royal Deluge and Preclusionary Committee. While both can be present in any given meeting, only one can serve in these roles at a time, causing both to have to agree as to who shall be serving in their capacity for the role during each meeting if needed. The Sovereigns both also have the ability to autonomously veto legislation passed by the Royal Deluge.

Royal Deluge

The Royal Deluge is the national legislature, made up of one leader, typically a royal, from each member state of the Kingdom. Currently, every three citizens belonging to a member state who don't reside on that member state's claimed land or reside in a barony earns that member state a vote in the Royal Deluge. In addition, every citizen belonging to a member state that resides on that member state's claimed land earns that member state a vote, this also causes each member state to have at least one vote in the Royal Deluge.

Member Party Voting Weight
Duke of Clay Independent
4 / 22
Duke of Ottis Independent
3 / 22
Prince of Curtice Independent
4 / 22
Duke of Primeria Independent
2 / 22
Duchess of Altissia Independent
3 / 22
Duke of Scarberriville Independent
3 / 22
Duke of Aeolia Independent
3 / 22

Preclusionary Committee

The Preclusionary Committee is made up of Preclusionary Committee members elected by popular vote in their member state. Each member state of the Kingdom is entitled to one committee member. The Preclusionary Committee acts to check and block legislation passed by the Royal Deluge, being able to send legislation back to the Royal Deluge for editing or abandonment by majority vote.

Member Party Member state
Savanna Large Independent Duchy of Clay
Chantah Chanthakham Independent Principality of Curtice
Lady Elise DeMaria Independent Duchy of Altissia
Lady Emmalee Guy Independent Duchy of Aeolia