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Flag MOO small.pngArm MOO small.png

Doing with love you will be free
MOOOOH by citizen anonymous
NorthernMOOlandia is seeking territory to be claimed.
Capital cityMOOlton
Official language(s)English, MOOish - Recognised Regional Languages = Suomi, Sami, Stadin slangi, Söder slang
Short nameNrthMOO
Governmentπcows. Head of government = Matriarch DaMOO Jaana Viitamaki
Area claimedNorthernMOOlandia is seeking territory to be claimed.
CurrencyComplementary currency (gets its value from subjective happiness) MOOrange, 1 Orange is 100 purpple:s
Time zone(UTC)
National sportMOOcling
National animalCow
Patron saintMoo of Finland


The NorthernMOOlandia is a micronation founded on 24 January 2016 by an artist Jaana-Päivikki Viitamäki - JaanaMoo, Ordai


NorthernMOOladia is the main project in concept called NorthernMOO. Its mostly all about cows- everything can be said by cows, MOOs.


NorthernMOOlandia was first published to audience at art exhibition in Helsinki, Finland 2016. Exhibition was named "The State of Liberty ". Artworks Aquarels place Galleria 4-Kuus, Helsinki, Finland.

Government and politics

Matriarch DaMOO Jaana-Päivikki Viitamäki, Chancellor of the Assembly and Art DaMOO Arja Seppälä, Chancellor of the Burlesque and Music is Daisy DJaMOOur

Northernmooladias Chancellor of the Burlesque and Music Daisy DJamoour

Law and order

Executive MOOverment i.e. πcows is selected by Matriarch


Complementary currency (gets its value from subjective happiness)MOOrange, 1 Orange is 100 Purpple:s

National Bicolour

NorthernMOOlandias National Bicolour is named "Sing me to the MOOn". Its black and white with symbol of moon and Moo. Same Moo is on NorthernMOOlandias coat of arms.

National Sigil

Coat of arm of NorthernMOOlandia. Tinctures are red,black and white and fur. Symbol of Moo in Escutcheon/Heater shield.


MOOism and MOOspirit is about humorous, beautiful and full life. Its action philosophy to live in balance in humorous way. MOO DO. MOOish language has developed from love and acceptance- Everyone can it. It allows all the mistakes and indicates all the colors of life, including crying


Using teleportation citizens can travel anywhere they want. There is allso secret gate to the Northernmoolandia at Moostok Island commonly known as Vostokisland in the Pasific Ocean.

MOOstok Island commonly known as Vostok Island in Pasific Ocean is a secret gate to NorthernMOOlandia


NorthernMOOlandia exports and imports art and love


Culture and art is one of the main product in the NorthernMOOlandia. All the art citizens produce is highly valued. Patron Saint is MOO of Finland, highly respected artist."

MOO of Finland
MOO of finland is Patron Saint in Northernmoolandia


Virtual reality, games and immersive spaces, lights and sound

Food and Drink

Citizens of NorthernMOOlandia loves to enjoy beverages. Artisan beer "MOO of orange" is common drink, mostly enjoyed in Sauna. Moooforange.jpg

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