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File:Platadillo.jpg|[[Republic of Unclaimed Land]]
File:Platadillo.jpg|[[Republic of Unclaimed Land]]
File:Republic of Soviet Russinica.jpg|Republic of Soviet Russinica
File:Republic of Soviet Russinica.jpg|Republic of Soviet Russinica
File:Th Flag National 0.png|[[Kingdom of Theodia|The Kingdom of Theodia]]
File:Th Flag National 0.png|[[Technocratic Republic of Theodia]]
File:Fghfgf.jpg| Agonos
File:Fghfgf.jpg| Agonos

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North American Micronational Culture Organization
NAMCO logo 2011.png
Official logo

Headquarters N/A

Official language English

Membership 2 member nations

Chairman William of North America
Vice-Chairman vacant

Foundation March 14, 2009
Reorganization of NAMCO January 2, 2011
Website Official Forum

The North American Micronational Culture Organisation (NAMCO) is an organisation, created by the Empire of New Europe under the suggestion of the Republic of Petorio on March 14, 2009. Its function is to document aspects of North American micronational culture.

NAMCO currently documents a list of North American micronations, and certain aspects of their culture that stand out from other cultures of North America. Most micronations reside in the United States and Canada. Although historically micronations from Mexico have existed. NAMCO does not include micronations existing south of Mexico.

List of active micronations

Flag English Short Name English Long Name Capital Currency Domestic Short Names
Flag of Plokoona.jpg Plokooña Absolute Mono-Monarchical Autocratic Empire of Plokooña Lit de jure: Nax; de facto: United States dollar English: Plokooña, Plokooñan Empire or Empire of Plokooña
Flag of angador.png Angador Prosia of Angador Luinnar Ceil C English: Angador Coa anga.png
Flag of Calsahara.png Calsahara Kingdom of Calsahara Otisburg (an administrative- building located in Orange County, California is de facto) Bulgur English: Calsahara Royal arms.gif
ConfedFlag.png C.A. Confederation of Awesome Province Confederation Dollar C-D English: Awesome GreatSeal.png
Corbonianflag-1.png Corbonia Corbonian Empire N/A Corbonian Grams English: Corbonia
BWF Flag.gif British West Florida Dominion of British West Florida N/A Pound £ English: British West Florida BWF fullarms.png
Flag of the DuPonty Monarchy.png DuPonty DuPonty Monarchy Royal N/A English: DuPonty
Flag of Holcetaea.png Holcetaea Empire of Holcetaea Holcetae City Imperial Oro O< English: Holcetaea
FTSR Flag.png F.T.S.R. Federation of Tianan Socialist Republics New Palermo U.S. dollar $ English: Tiana FTSR COA.jpg
Dragon Phoneix Tatoo by kvasaclimited.jpg H.C.E.E. & F.C.R.A. Holy Celtic Empire of Eire and the Federated Commonwealth Realms of Avalonia Lewiston N/A English: Eire & Avalonia
Imperial Salanian Flag.png Salania Holy Salanian Empire Lavrada WMA Credit English: Holy Salania Salanian Imperial Arms.jpg
Republic of Kuhugstan.png Kuhugstan Republic of Kuhugstan Fuchar Kuhugi Mark KM English: Kuhugstan New Istorian Badge.png
REIflag.png Emerald Isle Republic of Emerald Isle Jacksonville U.S. dollar $ English: Emerald Isle Picture1.png
Flag of Kirkland.jpg Kirkland Grand Kingdom of Kirkland Drakon Kirkish Pound English: Kirkland Kingdom of Kirkland Coat of Arms Updeted.png
100px Morkskovia Kingdom of Morkskovia Clapper Hill Barter system Scots: Morkskovia
Vikeslandflag.jpg Vikesland Kingdom of Vikesland Royal Ranchlands Vikeslandic Crown English: Vikesland Vikesland coa.png
North American Union flag.png North America North American Confederation N/A Amero A English: N.A.C. NAC Coat of Arms 2011.png
New Israel flag.png New Israel Holy Empire of New Israel Augustinople Burgin B \ ₪ English: New Israel NewIsraelCoatofArms.png
Molossia flag.png Molossia Republic of Molossia nearest location Valora Deseret English: EmOElAhEsIO Molossia coa.jpg
Secundomia Official Flag.jpg Secundomia Republic of Secundomia Middle Secundomia City U.S. dollar $ English: Secundomia Secundomian shield.png
Empire of Starland.jpg Starland Empire of Starland Monticello Starland Dollar S
U.S. dollar $
WMA Credit
English: Starland Starland coat of arms 2.jpg
Flag of Suwerenny.png Suwerenny Republic of Suwerenny Pilot Butte Pusch English: Suwerenny
ArcaFederation.jpg Arca Federation Arca Federation Marist U.S. dollar $ English: Arca Federation
Flag of Burkland.png Burkland Marxist People's People's Republic of Burkland North Paulet Island Dale Empire Pound £ English, Burklandi language (in development): Burkland Coat of arms of Burkland.png

Members of NAMCO

Flag English Short Name English Long Name Capital Currency Domestic Short Names
Flag of angador.png Angador Prosia of Angador Luinnar Ceil C English: Angador Coa anga.png
FTSR Flag.png N.A.C. North American Confederation N/A Amero A English: North America NAC coat of arms design2.png

North American micronational languages

  • Deseret alphabet (Molossia)

Sample: Deseret.jpg

Samples: They úre þundressive

Túr úre múch amble
Sample: Súildd médd ad teach.
Translation into English: I walk home.
  • English

North American micronational flags

Other North American micronational flags

These flags are historical, territorial, governmental and military flags of North American micronations.

North American micronational currency

See also

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