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North American Conservative Party

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The North American Conservative Party (NACP), is a political party in the North American Confederation. It was founded to represent the right winged beliefs of New Europe. However this did not entirely come about. With few New Europeans remaining and none of them wanted to organize into a party Jacob Ramirez did so. Technically Ramirez is a New European by the citizenship of the confederation but is not by the latest ethnic New European laws. This factor convinced him to reshape conservatism in the North American Confederation, rather than have any racial policies it would simply take tradional values of American, Mexican, and Canadian cultures and forge them into a single party.

North American Conservative Party
ChairmanJacob Ramirez
FoundedDecember 21, 2010
DissolvedMay 2011
Preceded byNew European Nationalist Party
Succeeded byNew European Nationalist Party (reformed)
Membership (2011)3
IdeologyTraditional conservatism, Jingoism, Neomercantilism, Nationalism
Political positionRight


Ideology and political positions

Government policies

As the debate over the structure of the confederate government rages the Conservative Party is pushing for as loose a government as possible. It is met by opposition by the Commu-Socialist Party who is pushing for a more centralized government. And although it is in favor of a republican form of government it does support the monarchy. The some party members want a cerimonial monarch while others want one with real power, particularly over the military.

Environmental policies

Social policies

Party leaders want to impose some form of family and cultural values on North America. They believe that, once a government is fully formed, citizens should be patriotic to its leaders and country. As well as that  states should internally expand their cultures and develope them to create a greater diversity within the confederation.

National defense

Many party members wish to rebuild the military might of the Old Reich, a term often used by them to refer to New Europe. And use it to establish an influence over foreign affairs. It is strongly believed by party members that the stronger your military the safer your nation is as a whole regardless of how it is used.

Other international policies

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