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Norish Valora

The Norish Valora is the currency of the Norfolk Empire, since 25 June 2019. It has not any sort of subunit, and it is based entirely on banknotes. The Norish Valora is pegged on 1 NVL to 5 USD.

Norish Valora
One Valora
In circulation since Not in circulation
Code NVR
Symbol V
Banknotes Vouchers of 1, 2, 5, and 10
Central bank Royal Family (de facto)
Printer Royal Family
Inflation 0% (Aug 2020)


Image Value
Color Description Date of Issuance


Reverse Obverse Reverse
    V1 NVL
Green An engraving of HRM Duke Roger Bluetoski I. Flying doves. 25 July 2019
    V2 NVL
Green An engraving of HRH Prince Cooepr Norfolk I. A Bowling ball. 25 July 2019
    V5 NVL
Green An engraving of HIM Emperor Jason Norfolk I. A basil leaf. 25 July 2019
    V10 NVL
Green An engraving of Parker Keourac. The dog on the Coat of arms. 25 July 2019