Norish Army

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Norish Army
Emblem of the Norish Army.png
Emblem of the Army
Active 25 June 2019–present
Country Norfolk Empire
Role Land Defense system
Motto Protekti la Patrolando (Protect the Fatherland)
Anniversaries 25 June 2019
Ceremonial chief HRH Prince Cooper Norfolk

The Norish Army is the division of the armed forces of the Norfolk Empire. It was founded on 25 June 2019 and the current recruitment is 2 soldiers.


Removal of Max Joseph

On 18 September 2019, a part of Project Zeta was followed by the government. Specifically, the part in the project that makes the government remove all incompetent government members, which can be defined by the government itself. The “incompetent” government member that was removed on that day was General Max Joseph from the Office of the General. His removal was not completely unexpected, as he had a “one strike” policy implemented by the Emperor, meaning that if he did one thing illegal in the Norfolk Empire or in the United States of America, which is the country he currently lives in as a citizen living abroad. The only thing unclear in this situation is exactly why he was removed from his position. The government currently has not specified what has happened between them and Fmr. General Max Joseph. Currently, the General of the Military is currently HRH Prince Cooper Norfolk I, but they will soon have a new general. The new general will most likely be American citizen Madison Swimmer, who was looking to become a citizen of the Norfolk Empire.[1]


Ranking and Insignia


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