Nordkavn Federation

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Nordkavn Federation
National Flag
National Flag
Government logo
Government logo

Peace, Justice, Progress
Capital cityEskhavn
Official language(s)English
- GovernorNot yet appointed
LegislatureNational Forum
Established29th April 2018
Area claimedTBC
Population1 (as of April 2018)
Time zoneGMT/BST

The Nordkavn Federation is a micronation established in 2018. The nation was founded by Anthony R Clark as a successor state to the Constitutional State of Mcarthia.

The country is newly-founded; consequently no administration is yet in place.


The Nordkavn Federation was founded on the 29th of April 2018, as a successor state to the Constitutional State of Mcarthia.


There are three states, of which Kirkeby is the largest. It is divided into two districts: the City of Eskhavn (also the national capital) and Frederiksberg. Amerstager is the second largest. Its capital city is Vesterbro and also includes the District of Osterhus. The state of Aarborg has just one district: the City of Rystaden.


The Federal Government is tripartite. All citizens have the right to attend the National Forum, which is the main legislative authority. The Governor is head of state and head of government. They, along with the Attorney-General and the Secretaries (collectively, the Federal Officers), are elected through direct popular elections. The National Forum may dismiss any of the Federal Officers by vote of no confidence.

The Supreme Court is the highest court. There are also Courts of Appeal, local District and Superior courts and a system of federal tribunals. The Chancellor is the most senior judge and appoints and dismisses all the other judges. The courts may strike down laws and control the executive on a wide variety of judicial review grounds.

As well as the National Forum, all of the Federal Officers and the Chancellor may legislate, but National Forum legislation is superior to any other legislation. 

As of yet, the states do not have their own governments and are controlled directly by the Federal Government.