Nordic Assembly

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Nordic Assembly
Intermicronational organisation
UNM Flag.png
Flag of the Nordic Assembly

Headquarters Jarldom of Hjalvik

Official language(s) English, Hjalsk
Membership 4 member states, 6 observer states

Chancellor Jarl Juvan I
Deputy Chancellor Christopher Miller

Founded September 28, 2020

Official Discord Server

The Nordic Assembly, often abbreviated as the NA, is an intermicronational organisation between micronations sharing Nordic or Anglo-Saxon culture. The union aims to establish an international alliance or recognition between all Nordic micronations and to encourage more micronations to adopt the nordic culture.


The Nordic Assembly was established as the Union of Nordic Micronations by the Jarldom of Hjalvik on 28 September 2020. On 1 February 2021, a decision was reached between the Executive President and the Deputy Executive President to rename the UNM the Nordic Confederation, then to the Nordic Assembly on 13 June 2021, although the abbreviation 'UNM' is still commonly used. The union only has 4 members and 6 observer states as of January 2021, but this will continue to grow.


List of Member States

Flag Nation Entry Representative Sector Member Status
  Jarldom of Hjalvik 28 September 2020 Jarl Juvan I Northern British Official member
  Gwlaskor of Glynawan 1 October 2020 Myghtern Kenneth I N/A Observer
  Republic of Luchijan 25 October 2020 President Luke I Swedish Observer
  State of Iceni 13 November 2020 President John Gordon Northern British Observer
  Revalian Kingdom 1 February 2021 Sander I Estonian Official member
  The Kingdom of Elava 1 February 2021 King Harrison I Swedish Observer
  Empire of Pavlov 1 February 2021 Emperor Alexander IV N/A Observer
  Nordic Federation of Bjørnavik 26 March 2021 Baron Håkon Van Dhom N/A Observer
  The Great Kingdom of Slitronia 30 March 2021 Great King Johannes I Estonian Official member
  Republic of Kirael 31 March 2021 Erkki Tšaikovsky Finnish Official member

Former Member States

Flag Nation Member status Entry Exit Reason for exit
  Empire of Centralia Official member 28 September 2020 19 October 2020 Nation dissolved
  Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall Official member 28 September 2020 2020 Withdrawal from the union
  Principality of Nordika Official member 12 October 2020 29 December 2020 Nation dissolved
  Empire of Aenopia Observer 2 October 2020 8 January 2021 Withdrawal from the union
  Confederation of Nova Tromsø Official member 19 October 2020 30 March 2021 Withdrawal from the union

Official membership

     Northern British Sector,      Danish Sector (Including Greenland),      Icelandic Sector,      Norwegian Sector (Including Svalbard),      Finnish Sector,      Swedish Sector,      Estonian Sector

Applying for membership

For a micronation to apply for Nordic Assembly membership, it must be based in, or have territory within the map shown to the right. After checking which sector a micronation is in, the micronation’s representative must apply in the Discord server.

If a micronation is not within the approved nordic area, though practices nordic culture, it may be permitted to join as an observer state.

How to apply

To apply for official membership, a micronational representative must join the Official Discord Server, where they will be signed up for membership. They will be asked to sign a document, and will then be inducted into the Nordic Assembly, providing their micronation meets the union’s criteria.