Non-Territorial Republic of Flammancia

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The Non-Territorial Republic of Marland [mɑɹland] or just simply Marland, is a Directorial Republic with Mixed Member Proportional Representation. Based in part in Queensland, the nation has plans to expand near to or onto the Capel Tablemount off the coast of Brisbane, technically outside of Australian juristriction, in the Pacific Ocean. It plans to create a fully functional nation on the water, in part to evade obvious territorial disputes which Marland might encounter if it were to claim land, and also to create a fully functioning community, and eventually state which can be moved if necessary.

The establishment of the NTR is officially dated to the 20th of April 2014, although this is an arbitrary date, as the founder has neither the means, nor the support to claim the area and begin the micronation as of yet. Therefore, the date is described by the founder, Benjamin Felix, as Ex Animo, roughly translated to 'in the mind'. However, the founder does intend to create a base of operations, and a steady support base to begin the country in time.

Marland, being founded at such a recent date, has not much to talk of by way of anything. The founder did throw together a flag and a coat of arms, as well as a vague idea of the type of government proposed. However, this is subject to change, and as the nation grows, it is expected to change very dramatically.


The name 'Marland' comes from the widely used European root 'Mar' which means 'Sea', and the English word 'Land', meaning that Marland is land in the ocean. It is meant to mean a sanctuary of land in the endless oceans of Earth.

Since Marland is planned to be a very marine nation, the term 'Land of the Sea' does describe Marland very well indeed.



Marland was founded on the 20th of April 2014, more as a theoretical idea of a micronation, but with aims to build a firm base of support and micronationalism. The founder, Benjamin Felix, theorised one day that although all land in the world is claimed (with a few small exceptions, which are mostly covered by law) 71% of the Earth is sea and ocean, and so one could theoretically set up a nation in this way. The idea is to create a nation which could run apart from mainstream society, and could actually form a viable nation.

Being a fairly recent nation, there is not much history to speak of.

Government and Politics

Marland is a Directorial Republic with Mixed Member Proportional Representation, quite similar to Switzerland. There is no de jure head of state, although the founder claims a role as the head of government, a speaker to make sure that any council meetings go ahead well and without problems.

The main body of legislature is the Assembly of the Sea, the national assembly, consisting of an upper house, the Council of the Sea, and a lower house, the National Council. As the nation expands, it is planned to include more members in each council, as well as other parties to debate topics fully.

Law and Order

Since the nation is, at present, very small, with only one member, the founder, there is no need for a police force. However, if needed in future, a police force may be instituted.

Foreign Relations

At present, Marland has opened diplomatic relations with one other micronation, that being the German Democratic Republic.


Marland is recognised by one micronation.

German Democratic Republic (21 April 2014)


Marland has no military force, however this is due to the nation being very young.

Geography and Climate

Marland is based in Queensland, Australia, although it has plans to move near to the Capel Tablemount, a region ~200 Nautical Miles off Brisbane, Queensland.


The Economy of Marland is very poor, and the national currency of the Marlandic Dollar is still only a pipe dream at present.


Marland has no de Jure national language, but it has the de Facto national language of English. It has very little distinguishable culture of yet, as it is still very young. Despite this, many of the country's defining features are fish related, like the national dish being fish and chips, and the national animal being the Moorish Idol, a fish found in many Oceanian reefs.


Marland has no state media, and generally borrows off Australian state media for the present time.