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Nodresiske stat
Nodrijsche Staat
Nodreshian State

Nordic cross variant flagCoat of arms

Frihet, demokrati, selvstendighet
Vrijheid, democratie, onafhankelijkheid
(English = Freedom, democracy, independence)
Nodreshia, our united fatherland
Capital citySolhaug
Official language(s)Norwegian, Dutch
Official religion(s)None at state level
Norwegian: Nodresisk/Nodresier
Dutch: Nodrijsisch
GovernmentFederal constitutional republic
- State President
NO: Statspresident
NL: Staatspresident
Phillip de Bourg
- State Minister
NO: Statsminister
NL: Staatspremier
Position vacant
English: People's Chamber
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 13
Established30 November 2017
CurrencyNorwegian kroner (NOK)
Time zoneCET

The Nodreshian State, shortened Nodreshia (Norwegian: Nodresia, Dutch: Nodrijsa), is a proposed self-proclaimed micronation located near Stavern, Norway. The microstate is currently under establisment, and is assumed as just a hobby and a project. It was founded by Phillip de Bourg, a Norwegian with close Dutch descent. There is currently no option for applying citizenship.