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Nissanim are a political party in the Blue army


The Nissanim belive that the empire should focues less on problems outside the empire and instead fix problems whithin. The Nissanim Party also belive that the Blue army should have a powerful military in order to defend intself.

Party Flag

Flag of the Nissanim Party


The party was fourmed by a fourmer member of the Human Party who thought he would be a better leader than Roy Morris (current head of the Human Party) the nissanim party have strugled to get recognition ever since they were formed. since they where foremd after all the ministers were elected they essential dont have any power. The party consists of only its head Nisan and has no other members. This means that they max amout of ministers they can have in ofice is 1. They also have a member in the Federation Of Green & Blue extending thier infuence outside of the main inner core of the empire.


In the spring of 2019 all the members of the Nissanim party left and got absorbed by the Human Party. After this the party had become inactive due to it having no members However officialy not disbanding.


Inside the empire itself they do not have any direct power but they're sheer existence allows them to affect the other two partys, thanks to the fact that they can take away voters.

Moth Invasion

During the Moth Invasion the nissanim party was Neutral. By the final battle the Nissanim party became pro war but it was to late as the oporation had ended.

Third Party Influence

Since the Nissanim are the opposition alot of what they recomend is often accepted by one the Major Partys trying to get popular with more voters.


The Nissanim Party was pro the formation of the Federation Of Green & Blue beliving it to help the inner core of the empire. this allowed them to get thier new member to Join the Federation and allow them to gain some minor influence over the empire.

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