Nicholas Talarico

His Royal Majesty
Nicholas I
King of Ritz, Guardian of Elotia, Protector of Verastein, Barron of Bearastaki

King of Ritz
Reign 09 July 2020- present
Coronation 9 July 2020
Predecessor Throne created
House Ritz und Popo
Born 13 September 1992
Reading, Pennsylvania, United StatesFlag of the United States.svg
Religion Roman Catholic

Early life

Nicholas Talarico was born in Reading, Pennsylvania on September 13, 1992. He was the first son of Todd and Marie Talarico, followed by his brother, Codi Talarico on February 4, 1995. Early in his life, Nick found great interest in the history of the world, world conflicts, and politics. By late elementary school he was correcting history teachers and out debating his elders.

Administrator of Ritzakstan

Nicholas acted as the first Administrator of Ritzakstan before the establishment of the monarchy, serving in that position from 2005 until 2017. Administrator was the title given to the head of state of former Ritzakstan. Theoretically when the acting Administrator either died, resigned or was impeached an election would take place in which all the regional governors voted for someone other than themselves to become Administrator. Nicholas was the only Administrator of Ritzakstan, serving until the office was abolished on 5 April 2017 when Ritzakstan ceased to exist.

Upon the termination of Ritzakstan, the Independent State of Ritz was formed along with the new office of Administrator of Ritz.

Military Service

Nicholas served his parent nation in the United States Navy from January 28, 2014 until July 27, 2020. He served humbly in the capacity of an enlisted man in an electronics rating and saw overseas service in Yokosuka, Japan for two years onboard ballistic missile command ship USS Shiloh CG 67. His last sea command was USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN 71 from 2018 until the end of his obligatory active service.

King of Ritz

On 5 April 2017 Ritzakstan was renamed the Independent State of Ritz. In June 2017 major political and socioeconomic changes took place, such as a banning of the Socialist Unity Party and implementation of a market based system. Nicholas continued to serve in the role of Administrator until the formation of the monarchy on July 9, 2020.
Nicholas I is the founder and patriarch of the House Ritz und Popo, of which he is the only reigning monarch.

Flag of Ritz


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