Newman-Galt Mercenaries Inc.

Newman-Galt Mercenaries Inc. (NGMI) is a private military police company that acts as the military of the Commonwealth of Egan. It is currently led by Christopher Kimyona.


The Newman-Galt Army consists of an arsenal of two water pistols. The cavalry unit consists of a bicycle and a scooter.

Naval Forces

The Newman-Galt Naval Forces (NGNF) consists of one inflatable Explorer 200 boat known as the H.E.S. Bertlian.

Police Force

Most Newman-Galt soldiers also act as military police/security during public events, or when a crime is committed.

Scout Branch

The Scout Branch of Newman-Galt is known as the Lenoway Scouts. They collect aluminium can lids for the Eganese Bank.

Air Force

Newman-Galt does not currently have an air force.

Space Force

Newman-Galt does not currently have a space program. In other words, "EganBall cannot into space".