New Onofre

The Colony of New Onofre, or simply called New Onofre, is a colony of the Empire of Urielandia. It hosts the King Marc I of Macalos National Airport, named in honour of Marc I, who died in 2018, the same year Macalos was founded as a micronation.

New Onofre Colony Uriimperio.jpg

Et lux in tenebris lucet
Imperial March
Capital citySan Agustín
(Saint Agustin in ENG)
Largest citySaint Agustin.
Official language(s)Spanish, English
Official religion(s)Catholicism
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy (de iure)
- EmperorUriel I
- Prime MinisterJuan Manuel Lafaurie
- Governor of New Onofre ColonyHIH Prince of Eboxia Angel de Jesus
EstablishedDecember 16th, 2018
CurrencyUrielandish ruby
Colony of the Empire of Urielandia


During the Operation Gomorra, the Urielandish Imperial Army attacked the city and started to capture the essential three parts of the city: South, West and North especifically, with the help of the Nogorian Army, which led to the enemy´s army´s death, and to the fall of the capital city. The people walked up to the streets to congratulate as they called their "new saviors". One last combat was produced between the Imperial Army and the enemy, 6 enemy soldiers were killed, as the 3 left leaders of the troops decided to surrender. Minutes after the battle ended, the new territory was named New Onofre and its establishment as the first colony ever of the Empire of Urielandia was made.

After the end of the battle, a martial law was decreed by the Emperor Uriel I, who became the first governor of the colony from December 17, 2018 until his resignation three days later. HIH Prince of Eboxia Angel de Jesus who is the first in line in the order of succession to the Urielandish throne, assumed office that same day.