New Makhnovia

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New Makhnovia

смерть всім хто на пиришкоді добутяь вільості трудовому люду
Mother Anarchy Loves Her Sons (Unofficial)
Monterey County, California with other places across the country
Capital cityNo Official Capital
Largest cityKroptokin City
Official language(s)Primarily English Speaking
GovernmentAutonomous Anarchist Confederation
EstablishedOctober 1st 2020
Area claimed2 Acres
Population7 (as of October 2nd 2020)
CurrencyNo official currency
Time zone(UTC)
Patron saintNestor Makhno

New Makhnovia is a micronation composed of anarchist communities governed via participatory democracy which are linked together by an Anarchist Federation.


The name New Makhnovia is derived from w: Makhnovia, which is named after Nestor Makhno.


New Makhnovia was founded by Anna Telford after seeing the lack of Anarchist micronations.

Politics and government

New Makhnovia is composed of anarchist communities. Currently the only one is the Monterey Collective

Law and order

New Makhnovia has no police force. There is no justice system, and instead crime is dealt through restorative justice.

Foreign relations

As of October 2020, New Makhnovia doesn't have any relations with other Nations.


New Makhnovia has no organized military.


There is no official currency of New Makhnovia. Communities are free to set up their own currency.

Culture and media

Currently, the only newspaper in New Makhnovia is The Standard of Revolt