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New Hong Kong Autonomous Settlement

New Hong Kong Autonomous Settlement
—  Port and Island Archipelago under Dukian Control  —
Aerial View of the Settlement

Nickname(s): Little Islands
Motto: Freedom and Equality is our right!
Autonomous region of the Principality of Duke New Hong Kong Autonomous Settlement
Founder Tom Kap 汤姆卡普
Parliament 10
GovernmentDemocracy with Governor elections every 3 years
 - Governor of the Settlement Tom Kap 汤姆卡普
 - Total 31.2 km2 (12 sq mi)
 - Land 13.2 km2 (5.1 sq mi)
 - Water 18 km2 (6.9 sq mi)
Population (2018 Wanshan Census)33
 - Total 33
Demonym New Hong Kongers



A few days ago Tom Kap noticed something. In between Hong Kong and Macau there were little islands that where under control of neither Government. So Tom decided to research and lay claim. The flag of the settlement is the Flag of British Hong Kong. Tom used the flag for these reasons

  • His family is partly British
  • He and his family are against Hong Kong being owned by Mainland China due to them having a communist Government and not good Human rights records
  • He really like the design of the flag

So then he laid claim. The settlement though he found out was claimed by Mainland China. He then said to himself " Micronation land is usually claimed by a Macronational government,then this will be part of a micronation!

Afterward he made himself Governor but is hoping to draw attention to others so they can run for governor.


New Hong Kong comes from the word Hong Kong which is a city right next to the New Hong Kong Autonomous Settlement.


The Government of the Settlement is largely independent as they are autonomous,but its is still part of the Principality of Duke. Governor elections occur and the settlement has its own parliament.


The official language is Cantonese, because of the large population of people from Southern China. English is spoken and Dukian is widely understood. Mandarin is also unoffcially spoken.


On March 25 polls are officially open for Dukian Citizens to vote for an official Maritime boundary. It will be an exciting event, Any age can vote! There is a whole campaign and posters are everywhere. This is one of the first professional elections! Once you vote you may be handed out a Dukian I voted Sticker.

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