New European Grenadier Regiment

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Grenadier Regiment
307 × 144 px
Regiment banner
Founded 6 June 2009
Country New Europe
Branch Army
Type Infantry
Garrison/HQ Georgetown
Patron King Matthew I
Motto Meine Ehre heißt Treue
Primary Weapon MP5 Air Soft Rifle
Engagements New European Civil War
Battle of Forrestbrook
Major Nicholas Bender
Matthew Breen

The Grenadier Regiment is one of New Europe's military units and is also its oldest. It has been mobilized for every conflict New Europe has been in, and seen combat.

Formation and History

The regiment is one of the elite regiments of the imperial army. The regiment is the premier formation in the army. It has served with distinction in all the armed conflicts in New Europe's history. It has also been cited for gallantry by the Kaiser Wilhelm and King Matthew on numerous occasions. The Regiment is based off of the famous Saxon Leibgrenadiergarde of the former Kingdom of Saxony.


  • First formally established military unit of New Europe.
  • Composed Coronation Guard at the Coronation of King Matthew I, as King of South Carolina.
  • Was the unit that "decided the day" (quote from King Matthew) at the Battle of Forrestbrook.
  • Has served as an escort to His Imperial and Royal Majesty the Kaiser and to His Royal Majesty King Matthew I.

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