New Eiffel and the Cupertino Alliance

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The Principality of New Eiffel and the Cupertino Alliance
CupertinoAllianceFlag.png Flag of New Eiffel.svg
Cupertino Alliance membership
Since21 May 2019
DelegateAnthony Dickson
Zarel Smith

The Principality of New Eiffel is a member of the Cupertino Alliance since 8 March 2020.


New Eiffel has 2 out of the maximum three delegates for a full member, those being Anthony Dickson and Zarel Smith. All delegates were appointed on 8 March 2002.


Session attendance

New Eiffel has been in attendance at nearly every session, however, it has arrived late a number of times.


  • 7th Session, 14-17 March 2020 (69 Hour Session) Yes check.png
  • 8th Session, 21 March 2020 Yes check.png

Acts proposed

7th Session

Act 055 - GUM DIS TRACK -”THE UNITED MICRANATIONS is better” - Proposed by Zarel Smith
Act 071 - USSR National Anthem: Be glorious, our free Swampland! - Proposed by Zarel Smith
Act 072 - Banana Brain - Proposed by Zarel Smith