New Democratic Party (Vryland)

The New Democratic Party (Afrikaans: Nuwe Demokratiese Party) is a centre-left political party in Vryland. King William the First has voiced his desire to form a new political party in Vryland because of the lack of "moderate" parties stating that "The people only have one moderate option, the Moderate Party, and if they don't like them they have no other choice, so they need more options." The King has stated that this does not constitute political bias because he will be only forming the party, while the leaders will do the actual day to day running of the party.

New Democratic Party of Vryland
Nuwe Demokratiese Party van Vryland
ChairmanWilliam I
LeaderSeph Zsolt
Deputy LeaderUnknown
Slogan"For the many, not the few!"
AnthemI Vow to Thee, My Country
Founded6 April 2019
Membership  (2019)2
IdeologySocial Liberalism
Political positionCentre-left
Official coloursYellow
Seats in the House of Commons
0 / 14
Seats in the House of Lords
0 / 2
Party flag
Vryland NDP flag.png