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{{Infobox settlement
{{Infobox settlement
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New Berlin
—  Province  —
The flag of the Province of New Berlin of Freshland.
Province Kingdom of Freshland
Founder King Scottie I
 - Total 1
Demonym New Berliner

New Berlin, officially the Province of New Berlin, is a province of the Kingdom of Freshland


New Berlin is named after Berlin, the Capital of the Federal Republic of Germany


New Berlin was Founded on August 1st 2018 by King Sottie I, making it the oldest Fresh Province that Still Exists to this Day, in June 2019 Following New Paris,s Independence and the Start of The Fresh Civil War, New Berlin Aided the Fresh Government and Played a Major Roll in the Fresh Armed Forces,s Bombing Campaign and Navel Blockade Against the Fortnite Legion

Present Day

Despite Not Being the Capital, it is the Current Residence of King Stottie I as of October 2020 Making Him New Berlin,s Entire Population of 1, it,s Located Upstairs in Metropolitan Freshland and Borders East Who to the East, And the Cromwell Zone to the South and is One of Freshland,s Most Powerful Provinces