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—  Capital City  —
Clockwise: Gymnasium New-Zatec, and flag of Mendersia and New-Zatec, and Elementary school New-Zatec.


Coat of arms
Motto: "Unity is strength"
Established November 2019
Founder Eric Smith
 - Mayor Eric Smith
 - Total <10 (no citizens)
Demonym New-Zatecian

New-Zatec is the largest and capital city of Mendersia. New-Zatec is a small part of Žatec and the whole territory of the Republic of Comenius Alley and Gymnasium.

New-Zatec in Czech Žatec, is the capital city in the Republic of Gymnasium and Comenius alley in Mendersia. In 2020, the settlement was equal to 14 citizens.


Most political parties and all companies in Mendersia are located in New-Zatec.


On the territory of New-Zatec there are 3 schools Gymnasium New-Zatec and Elementary school New-Zatec ,VHFKL.

Partner cities

New-Zatec currently has one partner city.