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Jazeko Neutfere
Native to Hungary, Tsardom of Neutnacia
Official language in the Tsardom of Neutnacia
Region Central Europe
Ethnicity Neutfere
Native speakers 2
Language family Indo-European
Type Constructed language (?)
Official status
Regulated by Tsar I. Valenat Pofyhe Neutlen-Language Research (2018)

Neutlen is a language, spoken by the Neutfere people, who are living in Hungary and in the Tsardom of Neutnacia.


There are no historical proof about Neutlen was spoken by people before the 21st century, but the government declares that Neutlen was spoken by people before the founding of Rome in the Carpathian-basin. In the times of the founding of Neutnacia, Neutlen people used the Proto-Neutlen language, but the founding communist government accepted the modern, Cirillic-Neutlen. When the communists felt, the new government successfully standardized the language, because one person from Stonocerb and one person from Domezad didn't understand each other. When the Tsar got power, he declared the using of the Modernized Neutlen language, under the Latin alphabet.


Here are the letters, the English pronoucing and a word for pronoucing of these:

a = a (article)
b = b (bowl)
c = s (said)
d = d (down)
e = e (enter)
f = f (fly)
g = g (goat)
h = kh(Ahmed)
q = h (hall)
i = i (hill)
j = y (you)
k = c (cave)
l = l (lamb)
m = m (amusing)
n = n (now)
o = a (wall)
p = p (park)
r = harsh r (radio but harsh)
s = sh (she)
t = t (tea)
u = u (like the German unser)
v = w (wool)
z = z (zoo)

There are 2 double-letters which pronoucing is the same as some other languages.
tc = ts (tsunami)
kc = x (xilophon)

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