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Type of entity: Banned Political Entity
Ideology: Nationalism, Extremeism
Membership: Approx. 4
Date of foundation: December 10, 2007
Leadership: Rasputin

The Neo-Anatefcans

The Neo Anatefcans of 2008 were a group of students from Phoenix N.Y. who had become disgruntled with the local school administration. Having discovered Anatefca by way of their de-facto leader Rasputin, they became eager to gain citizenship in Anatefca to attempt to organize their skills towards the common goal of the opposition to the local administration.

however, Previous discourses between the majority of Anatefcan Old Gaurd Members and Rasputin contributed to a major distrust of the Neo-Anatefcans by the Old Gaurd.

Immigration to Anatefca

Rasputin's acceptance into Anatefca by then-Co-Presidential Comrade Lenin lead to an influx of disgruntled Phoenicians.

Though no "Neo-Anatefcan" had actually gained citizenship other than Rasputin, many old-Gaurd members feared that their association with Anatefca would ultimately damage Anatefca's cause against the Molloy Administration in Phoenix by attracting unnecessary investigations and eventual out-of-context evidence against members of Anatefca. This would be the driving point of traditionalist\extremist debate throughout spring of 2008.

CEC Agency

Rasputin's main goal throughout his citizenship in Anatefca was to create a computer engineer corps from experienced computer technitions in Anatefca, Neo-Anatefcans comprised a majority of this talent.

Many Old-Gaurd Anatefcans feared that Rasputin would attempt to use an Anatefcan Sanctioned organization as a spearhead for hacking into the Molloy Administration's Computer systems, and in this ultimately spell the downfall of Anatefca by way of incrimination and impending one-sided legal battles between Anatefcans and the Molloy Administration.

Thus the CEC was repeatedly voted down, and the situation escalated into complete quasi-Kulterkamph.

Revocation of Rasputin's citizenship

After a Secretive Majoritous-Democratic Court Session found Rasputin's status to be an unconstitutional recognition of citizenship (co-Presidential Comrade Shadow having not approved the citizenship during a dual presidency) Comrade Lenin revoked Rasputin's citizenship, replacing it with "Comrade of Anatefca" status.

Deportation from Anatefca

After Redneck of the newly formed, Traditionalist Comrade's Party clinched the election on April 9, 2008; Anatefca Immediately wen't into code red, and restricted access to Citizens only. thus blocking all access by way of Neo-Anatefcans, none of whom held "Citizen" status at the time. This put an immediate, de-facto end to the situation.

Post Anatefca

Rasputin's group is believed to have reformed into an independent anti-molloyist group, however, few details have surfaced, and little has been revealed by any member, the members of which are currently unknown.