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Nedlandic cuisine

Nedlandic cuisine largely consists of fast food, largely pre-made items, and basic dishes such as spaghetti, steak, and roast chicken.



Although basic Nedlandic cuisine is largely generic, variations between different ethnic groups vary greatly. Ethiopian cuisine is widely consumed throughout the communities of the Horn of Africa - notably Nedland's Ethiopian and Eritrean communities. Pictured to the right is injera, a bread commonly used as an eating utensil by the communities originating from the Horn.

Central American

Pupusas are also a very favored dish in Nedland, being consumed by most of Nedland's hispanic population, with the exception of Bolivians.

Middle Eastern

Some Middle Eastern cuisines, like Egyptian and Moroccan, are also present. Some common examples of eateries within Nedlandic borders are Ethiopian restaurants, Hispanic bakeries and markets, and Salvadoran restaurants.

South Asian

There is a large presence of South Asian cuisine, particularly Bengali. It mainly consists of potato- and egg-based products, and homemade flatbread. Some South Asian markets are present within Nedland's borders.