National symbols of the Confederation of Mahuset

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National symbols of the Confederation of Mahuset are the symbols used to represent the Confederation of Mahuset

List of symbols

Symbol Name Image
Flag Flag of the Confederation of Mahuset Mahus.png
Coat of arms Coat of arms of the Confederation of Mahuset Confederate Mahusetan CoA.png
National anthem And the Waltz Goes On MahusetAnthemSheet.png
National dish Sausage roll SausageRollYummy.jpg
National animal Domestic Cat
Felis catus
National bird European robin
Erithacus rubecula
National tree European alder
Alnus glutinosa
National folk dance Driekusman Driekusman.jpg
National dance Polka Polka.jpg
National fish Koi
Cyprinus rubrofuscus
National flower Common Snowdrop
Galanthus nivalis
National fruit Redcurrant
Ribes rubrum
National gemstone Ruby Ruby.jpg
National mineral Moissanite Moissanite.jpg
National stone Sandstone Sandstone.jpg
National dog Corgi Corgi.jpg
"Adoptable dog" HappyCross.jpg
National horse Gray GrayHorse.jpg
National insect European honeybee
Apis mellifera
National cat Calico QT314kitten.jpg
"Adoptable cat" CuteBlackCat.jpg
National biscuit Oreo Oreos.jpg
National grain Corn
Zea mays
National crop Potato
Solanum tuberosum
National exercise Cycling Bicycleriding.jpg
Patron saint Saint Pancras SaintPancras.jpg