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This article lists notable '''National symbols of the [[Empire of Vyomania]].'''
#REDIRECT [[National symbols of Vyomania]]
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The National flag of the [[Empire of Vyomania]] is the symbol used primarily to represent the nation, its people, and its assets.
The flag was initially designed during the planning stages of Vyomania. <br><br><br>
==Coat of Arms==
[[File:Coat of Arms of Vyomania.png|250px|Coat of Arms of Vyomania]]
"बलस्य मूलं विज्ञानम् , यतो धर्मस्ततो जयः" has been the national motto of Vyomania since its foundation. These words were intended to convey the idea of Dharma: Knowledge is power and honesty, love and good heart always win. The motto can also be found on the Coat of Arms of Vyomania.
==National Animals==
The [[Vyomwing]] is recognized as the national animal of Vyomania. It is represented as the state animal for all territories and Crown Dependencies. It is a fictional creature but is a symbolic figure.
==National Anthem==
{{main|Anthem of Vyomania}}
The national anthem of Vyomania was made by Maharaja Mohak I. The anthem is played at National events.
{{Empire of Vyomania}}

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