National symbology of Theodia

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This article explains the official symbols of the Technocratic Republic of Theodia.



Th Round 4.png

The iconic Hex-Cog (aka, the "Snowflake") of Theodia was designed in 2012, with citizen approval. Swena chose to base the design on a hexagon, to represent optimality -- the hexagon is the largest tileable regular polygon, it tiles like circles do, it's a good approximation of a circle, and it's one of two possible regular cross-sections of a cube, which is itself a perfect representation of 3 spatial dimensions. Sakio suggested adding spokes to the hexagon, to make it into a cog. Swena loved that idea, and immediately implemented it. The cog was to represent industriousness. Inside the cog was a cube. This cube has been represented by a simple hexagon on every national flag after the 3rd one, with the notable exceptions of the 6th and 8th flags, where it is missing entirely.

Nordic Cross

Th Flag National 1.png

The Nordic Cross was chosen at Theodia's foundation in 2010 to represent the country's Scandinavian/Germanic heritage.



Th Round 8.png

300° Magenta was chosen as the primary colour of the eighth national flag, because it was the only colour that was purely emergent -- it cannot be created with just a single wavelength of light. Instead, one must combine red and blue in relatively balanced quantities. Red and blue are at completely opposite ends of the visible spectrum; their coming together to emerge something truly novel is intended to symbolize Theodian radical centrism. Not only is the hue of the flag's magenta a mixture of two extremes, but its lightness is too -- it's perceptually midway between white and black in the CIELAB colourspace.

The white in the flag represents brilliance and hope.

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