Prairie Party (Suverska)

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Prairie Party
Прерія Партія
Prairie party 2021.png
 • Founded 2018; 3 years ago
 • Ideology
Right-wing populism
Meteoran regionalism

Federal Council
1 / 5
Meteora Council
0 / 3

The Prairie Party, commonly called Prairie, is a political organisation in Suverska. Founded in 2018, it has successfully ran candidates in Suverian parliamentary elections and unsuccessfully ran a candidate in the October 2018 presidential election. The party holds a right-wing populist position and has been the leading voice for Meteoran regionalism. With one current seat in the Federal Council, it is one of three parliamentary groups represented in the Suverian federal government.

Electoral results

Presidential elections (2014–2018)
Election Candidate Round Result
1 2
2018 I Trentij of Meteora 35% Defeated
2018 II 32% 38% Defeated
Elections to parliament as a political party (2014–2018)
Election Leader Votes +/- Seats +/- Rank Result
2018 Trentij of Meteora 31.0 new
3 / 7
new 2nd Opposition
Elections to the Federal Council as a parliamentary group (2021–present)
Election Leader Votes +/- Seats +/- Rank Result
2021 none 25.7 5.3
1 / 5
new   2nd Nonpartisan
2022 This election will be contested in January 2022.