National Liberal Party (Francisville)

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National Liberal Party
LeaderJeremy Abrahams
Founded16 May 2009
Dissolved3 October 2009
Membership  (2010)3
IdeologySocial liberalism, Localism, Constitutional monarchy
Political positionRadical centre
Chamber of Deputies (2009)
1 / 4
Chamber of Deputies (2010)
0 / 4
Local Government
2 / 6

The National Liberal Party was a political party in the Democratic Duchy of Francisville which existed during the year 2009. The party was formed to contest the first general election to the Chamber of Deputies in May 2009. It was led by Jeremy Abrahams who served as the inaugural First Minister of Francisville. The party was dissolved in October 2009 and did not contest the 2010 election.


Francisville was founded on 28 november 2008 but she did not see a functioning legislature during first five months of her existence. Following the recommendations of a Second Constitutional Assembly (sometimes referred to as the April Convention) organised by the Grand Duke, the Fourth Constitution was adopted on 15 May 2009. The structure of the legislature was a key point in the conduct of this convention. On 11 April 2009, a referendum was held in order to establish the voting system to be used by the reformed Chamber of Deputies, resulting in the selection of the single transferable vote. The Duchy's first election was held between 28 May and 3 June 2009,[1] following which Jeremy Abrahams was elected as the inaugural First Minister of Francisville.

Abrahams supported broadly social liberal policies including commitments to environmental protection, powerful local government, and international neutrality. The administration was criticized for its limited activity leading to Abrahams standing down at the end of his first six-month term. He was succeeded by independent Andrew Newton who was chosen to replace Abrahams in a by-election held on 2 December 2009. Francillian politics became noted for its largely independent political culture. Although two political parties, the National Liberal and National Democratic, both gained one seat each in the 2009 elections, neither were able to exercise significant control over the Chamber of Deputies. The departure of Abrahams from active politics resulted in the dissolution of the National Liberal Party in October 2009. The second assembly of the Chamber of Deputies was elected on 28 May to 3 June 2010. By this time, both political parties had dissolved, resulting in all deputies being returned as independents.


The National Liberal platform broadly conformed to social liberalism within the tradition of the radical centre with support for constitutional monarchy within a parliamentary system, environmental and consumer protection, and robust protection of individual liberties. First Minister Jeremy Abrahams pursued programs of cultural development including the establishment of DDFmedia as well as supporting the development of the local government system of cantons and municipalities.



The first assembly of the Chamber of Deputies was elected on 28 May to 3 June 2009. After gaining a seat for the NLP, its leader Jeremy Abrahams was elected as the inaugural First Minister of Francisville. He served for a single six-month term.

Party Deputies
National Democratic 1
National Liberal 1
Independent 2
Total 4


The second assembly of the Chamber of Deputies was elected on 28 May to 3 June 2010. The NLP had already dissolved in December 2009 and therefore did not stand in the election. All deputies were elected as independents.

Party Deputies
Independent 4
Total 4