National Liberal Party (Carpathia)

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National Liberal Party
Partidul Național Liberal
PresidentSorin Dumitrescu MP (Leader of the Opposition)
Founded30 December 2015
Economic liberalism
Liberal conservatism
Political positionCentre-right
Official colorsYellow
Seats in the Regional Parliament of Carpathia
28 / 85

The National Liberal Party (Romanian: Partidul Național Liberal), known by its acronym PNL is a major party in Carpathia, along with PCRP and PSD. It is the largest party in the Regional Parliament of Carpathia, with 40 MPs out of 85, being the Official Opposition in Parliament.

It is a conservative party on the centre-right of the political spectrum, generally opposing any proposals favouring Carpathia's autonomy. It is led by Sorin Dumitrescu, being the Leader of the Opposition, and leading the Shadow Regional Government of Carpathia.

It was founded on 30 December 2015.