National Labor Party

The National Labor Party was a syncretic political party active in Faltree. It held one seat in the Faltrian Senate. The party was notable for being sponsored by Ausveria, and an extension of Ausverian political thought. In August 2021 the party dissolved due to the perceived "degeneration" of Faltree.

National Labor Party
LeaderBenson I
Slogan"For worker and country"
Founded29 July 2021
Dissolved22 August 2021
HeadquartersNew Havre
Membership  (2021)2
IdeologySocialism, Traditionalism, Nationalism, Conservatism
Political positionSyncretic
Official colors 
Faltrian Senate
1 / 16
Faltrian Cabinet
0 / 4

Party statistics

Senate Cabinet Overall member count Government majority?
1 / 16
0 / 3
3 No