National Heroes Day

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National Heroes Day
National Heroes Day 2021.jpg
National Heroes Day Fliar 2021
Observed byRepublic of Istriei
TypeNational holiday
SignificanceCelebrateing and remembering the heroes.
CelebrationsLowering of the Istrian flag and National Cemetery visits in memory of the national heroes.
Date04 April
Presidential Decree no 8/2021
President of the Republic of Istria
An Act to establish the National Heroes Day
Territorial extentRepublic of Istriei
Date of Royal Assent04 April 2021
Introduced byThe Goverment of Istria
Establish the National Heroes Day
Status: In force

National Heroes Day in Istria is the official remambering day for the national heroes of Istria. It has been introduced in 2021 by PORI after the Queen decided to remember the heroes on this date and discussed with the president about makeing an official holiday for that.


As the royal etiquette says, 'National Holidays should be made based on the basic Istrian traditions guidelines introduced by Her Majesties Bureau. This guidlines are basic traditions that should be respected, like royal dresscode, colourcode(based on the type of event), and other details that should be prepared by the protocol administration.'

So, Her Majesty approved an official based tradition list for this event:

-black mourning colourcode

-mourning dresscode

-different spring-summer flowering


-religious events

-speaches about the great heroes of the country

-military ovations and anthem singing

-medal handelings

The meaning of the National Heroes Day

After COVID-19 outbrake in April 2020, Istria has experienced some grate thought about heroes and people in the society. So the Istrian Gouverment and Royal Institutions have decided to allow a day of the year for the mourning and awarding of the real heroes of the country. A strict list of domains have been established by The Presidential Decree no 9/2021 to set up the base of this important ceremony of rememberance.

The cemetary and the military music will be the main important aspect of this celebration, mourning moments and candel fireing beeing the most solemn moments of this event marking the official remembarance and mourning of this important and significant heroes of Istria.