National Delphian Police

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The National Delphian Police is the Police force of Delphia. The National Police Force has 4 police officers. The National Delphian Police covers the states of Lakewood, Soroy, Mobzen, Lanrapids, Maplecrest, and Elkhart. Although Lanrapids and Elkhart are the only two states that have their own police the NDP is only needed for emergencies. The headquarters of National Delphian Police is Nueva Rosa, Soroy. The NDP was officially founded on May 1st 2020. The chief of the NDP is Max Guevara. The NDP is the successor of the VDPF ( Volunteer Delphian Police Force ) April 28-April 30 2020.


The role of the National Police Force is to protect and serve Delphian citizens and enforce Delphian law. It also serves as border patrol

2020 Protests

During the George Floyd riots, Delphia set travel restrictions on the twin cities. The NDP guarded the border along the Delphian army.