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National Conservative Party

The National Conservative Party (NCP) was the first political party established in Brogenia. The NCP is currently a defunct party, and has no members or a leader.

National Conservative Party
FoundedFebruary 10, 2012
Official colorsBlue


The NCP was formed in early 2012 so that specific ideals would be passed in the National Assembly. The NCP quickly gained 4 members, but 1 resigned from the government and 1 became part of the CEP, another political party in the Brogenian National Assembly. The Founder and first leader of the NCP, Nim Chesworth, left the party at 12:00 PM on July 26, 2012 and formed another political party, the National Green Party (NGP), which led to the downfall of the NCP.


The NCP has both nationalistic and conservatist views. The NCP believes that people should work for their money, that the military should be of a reasonable size so that it will not feel threatened by other micronations, and that taxes should be equal to all people. The NCP aims for nationalistic, conservative, and successful policies.


The NCP has 0 seats in the National Assembly.