Nation of Sweet

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Nation of Sweet
"Reputo question panton"
Official language(s) English
Capital House of Sweet
Date founded April 29, 2008
Number of citizens 25
Number of active citizens 5
Government Constitutional Monarchy, Direct Democracy
Current leader James Waters of Sweet
National animal

The Nation of Sweet was founded by James Waters in April 2008. Sweet is located on the island of Great Britain and is partially based on the internet. The country inclusively uses social networking sites, such as Myspace, Frappr and Bebo to gain citizens and keep in touch with citizens.

Sweet is a direct democracy that was founded as an alternative to the UK, where the focus is on the freedom and happiness of it's people. The politics of Sweet are based around discussion, most of which takes place on the nation's forum although some may take place on social networking sites.

Sweet's motto is "Reputo question panton", which is Latin for "Think, question everything"


The rise of the Nation of Sweet goes back to some time in March 2008 when the leader and founder, James Waters stumbled across the concept of micronations, whilst surfing on Wikipedia. He decided to read into it in more detail and looked at various micronations including Sealand, Talossa and Lovely. James was really taken with the idea of forming his own country and thus declared his house an independent nation and built a nice web site to go with it. However, Sweet nearly did not get underway when James had difficulty finding citizens and writing a constitution. Soon, these obstacles caused the construction of Sweet to be forgotten for a few weeks. But a few weeks later, on the 27th April 2008, James decided to go back to Sweet to continue forming it. He chose to base the citizenship process on social networking sites, as this would be a useful way to attract and gain citizens. He also decided to start up a discussion forum for Sweet as he found that this would be the most useful and practical way to hold discussions with his citizens. He then did research on various constitutions from other countries, to see how he should model his own constitution. He then organized his nation by creating various social networking profiles to attract his citizens; along with writing a constitution for his nation. He now had the essential elements to get the Nation of Sweet off the ground.

On Tuesday 29 April at around 10:57am, James Waters of Sweet declared the Nation of Sweet officially founded.


The area of Sweet is circled in red.

The territory of Sweet currently consists of the entire area of James' house in London. Sweet is currently a very small nation, but James hopes to extend the territory of it soon.

As of the 23rd May 2008, James has named the House of Sweet as the capital of Sweet. The capital consists solely of James' house.

Other places in Sweet include Gardenback, Gardenfront and Shed of Sweet.


Sweet has a population consisting of people James knows, such as members of his family and friends; along with a large population on the internet, who became a member through signing up to the national forums or one of Sweet's social networking sites. This internet-based form of recruiting citizens has allowed Sweet's population to increase swiftly.


The only member of the Government, as of yet is James Waters of Sweet, the leader and founder. However, as the population of Sweet grows, James will create departments within the government to meet the nation's needs and encourage the citizens of Sweet to join these departments.

James also strongly encourages the people of Sweet to form departments of their own, within the government.


In the first month of it's existence, Sweet has put in a lot of effort to make diplomatic relations with other micronations in order to help itself develop and grow. Sweet has made it's first micronational friendship with Cakeland, along with writing the "Sweet-Cake" treaty to establish recognition of one another.

Sweet has also made an alliance with the Union of Exstatic People and has formed recognitions with countries including the Democratic People's Republic of Bzan, Kaznia and the Kingdom of Fristehen.

Sweet is also a member of the United Micronations and has been a member since 29 May 2008.

Sweet is now in discussion with Cakeland over membership to a new micronational organisation which could rival the size of the UM.


The Nation of Sweet has very few laws as it tries to maintain it's image as a place for freedom and pleasure. However, Sweet has layed down a few rules to make sure that the people's liberties are not abused; which include laws against people causing physical or mental harm to one another.

Capital punishement and corporal punishment are both illegal in Sweet as these contradict the nation's values.

The sole penalty used for any offense in the Nation of Sweet is that the offender is kicked out of Sweet and their citizenship is withdrawn. Offenders do have the right to appeal against this.

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