Namwuan Shogunate

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Namwuan Shogunate is an Empire located at East Bandung, connecting the High Ranks home. The empire was formerly known as Socialist State of Heliconia which unofficially existed in the past.

Namwuan Shogunate
Намсвкий Сёгунатъ

Namwuan flag another.jpg Namwuan Emblem.png
May Victory Be With Us
March anthem
Official languagesIndonesian, English
Recognised national languagesNamsvky
DemonymNamsvky (Namsvky) Orang Namwua (Indonesian)
GovernmentUltraNationalist-Bolshevism Wibuism
• Leader
Krepies II
• Prime Minister
LegislatureImperial Shogunate
Union Day
• Union date
12 August 2018
• Estimate
CurrencyRafflesi (de jure)
Indonesian rupiah (de facto)
Time zoneGMT +7
Calling code+62


Namwua was based on a phone dial code +62 (Enam Dua) in Indonesian.


The Socialist State of Heliconia was an idea when a class at Tunas Unggul makes a flag to encourage competitors when doing the Indonesian Independence Day Competitions in 2018. Later on, the leaders decided to make a fictional country. At first, they make a physical fort named Fort Babun, but later a civil war was sparked by the People Replubic Nova and the Stari Reich. The fort was destroyed, the remains were the nation of Rafflesian Republic. A neighbouring North-Eastern colony copied Fort Babun. The Rafflesian Republic was dissolved in 2018. Another micronation was established called the Peoples Imperial Republic of Namwua. After countless wars, Namwua decided to be fascist to gain a more recruitable population.


Namwua has somewhat a of a colony, sone of them including Namsvky East Indies, Namsvky West Indies, Namsvky South Indies,and Namsvky Nippon.


The Peoples Imperial Republic of Namwua was formerly a Socio-Imperialist nation led by a Leader (Таварйсчная). Most of the states picked a government by themselves. Now Namsvky Reich is an Ultranationalist nation.

Political Parties

Political Parties are allowed, but only on the regional election.

Party Name


Party Name


Abbrev Ideology Founded Dissolved
Комунистий Хелицонся Communist Heliconia КХ (KH) Communist State 2018 2019
Комунниста Партия Намцвкй Communist Party of Namwua КПН (KPN) Communist Republic 2018 2020
Народскй Националистй Партия Peoples National Party of Namwua ННП (NNP) Socio-Natonalism 2019 2021
Програссия Демокрацй Progressive Democratic ПД (PD) Progressive Democracy 2019 2020
House of Nagatoru Imperialism 2021


The Namsvky (People of Namwua) have researched a lot of technologies, such as a methanol (spiritus) cannon for suppressive fire. The micronation already has planned to build some light tanks like XM-19-42 (Xavier Machines), a 3 manned tank with a driver, gunner and loader [citation needed].

The NMSDF is the army used by Namwua, it was established to conduct conflict between rebels or other micronations. Currently, they are mainly used for expeditionary forces, guards and offensive attack.

List of Equipment
Equipment Name Type Designed
Nagantinash 19k Bolt Action Rifle 2019
Pargotov-12-3 Sub-Machine Gun 2020
IPSK-H 9 Light Machine Gun 2020
XM-19-42 Infantry Support Tank 2020
XM 69-420 SPG Self Propelled Gun 2020
XM 420-69 MBT Main Battle Tank 2020
BT-XM 19-56 Calvary Tank 2020
XG-29 Howitzer 2020
XM-45 Type B/A Main Battle Tank 2020
Flag of Namwuan Self-Defence Force (NMSDF)

Namwua territory claim


Peoples Imperial Republic of Namwua has a total land claim of 11km.

List of Namwua's States
State Name


State Name


Тунанксваград Tunanskvagrad 2017
Антаград Antagrad 2019
Импсаянк Impsayank 2018
Панинкистан Paninkistan 2018
Миранска Miranska 2019
Арцананский Arcananskiy 2019
Манксква Mankskva 2020
Вира Арцананский Vira Arcananskiy 2020
Photo taken from Impsayank

Namwua's largest state is Arcananskiy (including Vira Arcanansky) which has the largest open area in the nation. Namwua's state has the same timezone as it's neighbouring nation Indonesia, that is GMT+7. Namwua has the perfect balanced regions of urban and pre-urban (rural) at the north.


Namwua's culture is influenced by Russian, Mongoloid, and Indonesian culture. Cyrillic writing is used mainly for alphabet characters, but most people still use Latin. Unggulija is the language used in Namwua. It is influenced by the Russian language, except it's simplified.

Foreign Relations

Namwuan Shogunate is now a full member of Association of Indonesian Micronations.