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Myrotanian Act 2

Act 2 - Subjects, Residents and Citizens was first passed on 7 March 2013 and was most recently revised on 5 March 2014.

Act 2

1. A subject of the Empire is someone who has lived in Myrotania for over four years and has completed their fourteenth year.
2. A resident of the Empire of Myrotania is anyone who lives within the boundaries of the Empire.
3. A citizen of the Empire is anyone who is in possession of a valid and up-to-date Myrotanian Passport.
4. Owning a Myrotanian passport gives one the dual nationality status but does not, under any circumstances, supersede one’s previous nationality as the Empire of Myrotania is a micronation.
5. Anyone over the age of fourteen may give up their citizenship of the Empire, to do this; they must mail their passport to the Emperor, who will then verify the citizenship cancellation.

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