Mydale Super Cup

The Mydale Super Cup, often called just the Mydale Cup is an exhibition match football match organised to take place annually, originally designed to be contested by a representative team from the MicroWiki and Micras communities, the competition is now against a Dale Football Club and micronationalist football team. The competition is still organised by Mydalefc, a organisation trying to establish a new football club based in Woking, England, the competition also remains in conjunction with the MFA and FMF. Mydalefc and Dale Football Club it intends to establish was directly inspired by the Dale Republic and the Dale national football team. Any person who is a citizen of any MFA or FMF member can participate in the representative teams, teams can also include up to one guest player who has previously been involved with any MFA or FMF, current or former.

Mydale Super Cup
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Venues and costs associated with the Mydale Cup is decided by Mydalefc, with the advise of the MFA, FMF and respective communities.


A trophy is not being awarded for the 2013 and first challenge for the title because of financial restraints. However, all future challenges for the Mydale Cup are planned to include a trophy, this would be retained by Mydalefc and Dale Football Club to ensure neutrality of temporary ownership of the trophy between team members as well as to ensuring it is always available to be awarded to the winning team without risk of theft, loss or damage to the trophy.


2013 Dale F.C.   v Micronational F.C.
Micronational F.C.

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